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Beo & Be YouTube channel: Free online Qi Gong classes

March 30, 2020

 Information for Qi gong & Mindfulness Youtube Channel:


Qi Gong is an ancient practice focusing on breath, movement and Nature. it is beneficial for overall wellbeing - mind, body and spirit. It is meditation in motion. It is deeply grounding and calming in chaotic and worrying times. If we can self-empower ourselves through gentle movement meditation practices like qi gong and yoga, we can stabilize our own energy, strengthen our immune system and breathing efficiency, and build resilience and clarity to self guide ourselves into a new future, a new Earth. There are now free videos available on Youtube. All made by Brenda out in the depths of the Irish countryside, in Connemara, Lough Corrib and the Burren.






Mindfulness means presence & awareness… being yourself & living in the now. It is our natural state as humans & it is the ability to manage, nourish & express our own energy. Movement benefits the body’s flow of energy, core strength & mind-body-spirit connection. Practicing connecting the awareness of nature with moving is mindfulness in motion. This benefits the Health of internal organs, muscles & tendons, inner balance, strengthen core & immunity. Brenda has a holistic approach. It is rooted in overall experience, in Qi Gong (the roots of Tai-Chi practice), Mindfulness/Meditation, Health Science diploma within UCD Physiotherapy studies & Sports (international hockey).


Qi Practices : Alongside many more forms of movement, the practice of Qi Gong evolved from awareness of nature. It is a self-healing breathing & movement practice. It originates in ancient Chinese medicine & integrates focusing the mind, physical postures & breathing awareness. Qi means life energy that flows through all living things, nature & humans. Gong means steady practice & growing in skill.


Tapping and Acu-Pressure Acu-points: release tension quickly, restores & strengthens natural harmony. Our inner intelligence of the organ systems is like a giant complex yet perfectly designed map. Everything has a function and at the same time works together. Acupuncture is an ancient effective healing system, it is in collaboration with a healing movement practice, Qi Gong. Just like ow our heart has a beat - it's own flow, rhythm, energetic and physical functions, so too does every organ. Your body knows how to balance, heal and strengthen itself. By going back to Nature's flows, structures and cycles we connect deeply with this Truth. Qi Gong is an ancient self-healing practice similar to yoga. Tai-Chi evolved from Qi Gong. Overall it is gentle, dynamic movement good for health, speed of body coordination & reflexes, and nourishes the organ systems on a deep level.


By Brenda Flannery: Background:

- Qi Gong meditative movement instructor, founder of Beo & Be www.beoandbe.com

- Author of Roots Go Deep Book: www.rootsgodeepbook.com

- Music tutor & founder of Beo Ceol Music School: www.beoceol.com

- Shamanic Practitioner qualified with www.solasanam.com

- Ogham Tree Essence Practitioner qualified with www.oghamtrees.com

- Bach Flower remedy Practitioner qualified with with the Centre of Excellence

- Mindfulness Master Practitioner qualified with with The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology

- Meditation & Colour Therapy qualified with with Renaissance Life Therapies London UK

- Mental Health Training with Dr. Terry Lynch's Mental Health Academy

- Crystal Reiki with Lisa Powers Health & Wellness

- Health Science diploma (from 3 years UCD Physiotherapy studies) including Therapeutic and Sports Massage, Anatomy, Exercise Science and Human Performance.

- Brenda's Mental Health blogpost August 2017 'My Journey of Mental Health Recovery New Beginnings'

- Distributor of Cloonmore Honey & Cloonmore Naturals www.cloonmorehoney.com

- Distributor of fresh eggs available www.beotree.com

- Sport: Former Irish senior women's hockey international


For more info visit www.beoandbe.com Intragram @beoandbe, @beoceol, @rootsgodeepbook, @cloonmorehoney Soundcloud & Tiktok @ beoceolmusic

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