Immunity Flower Essence Blend

What are flower essences?

A combination of flower essences in a remedy bottle help us through times when we may need support and help us evolve through challenging times. They help us go back to our rootsc- Nature. In a global crisis, they give us individual support to help stay grounded and calm. This then has a ripple effect on those around us as we reach out to the interconnectedness of our community. The value and presence of community is becoming more vital and clear, as we walk together through uncertainty and worry, building new paths to a new found steadiness and new beginnings.

How do the essences work?

The essences help to clear stress and tension, they nourish us with the energy of Nature's harmony. The energy of the flowers work on a cellular level. It is the energetic signature of the tree and plant, this nourishes our energetic and electrical inner system, the nervous system. Just as we eat food to nourish our being through the process of digestion, by taking drops of the flower essences, this nourishes the energetic processes and function of the nervous system. Even in times of distress, we can become more present and grow in deep clarity.

Essences and E-Motion?

The essences therefore benefit the emotional system and clarity in the mind. Emotion can also be explained as energy-in-motion. Every organ has associated emotions, anger may be held in the liver, sadness and grief are associated with the lungs, fear with the kidneys and worry with the spleen. This knowledge comes from the ancient system of healing in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, which describe life-force energy as 'Qi'. The movement practice of this knowledge is called Qi Gong. 'Qi' being the life force energy and our connection flow with nature, and 'gong' meaning skill or to work with.

Immune Support Flower Essence Blend:

The Immunity Blend is specific to help us deeply through these challenging times. When our centre of gravity is shook, the nervous system will gravitate to natural force to try and stay grounded, this natural force support can come in the form of flower essences. It provides deep reassurance. Between Nature and us, there is no separation. The qualities of these flower essences illuminate the energy of Unity.

Qualities create an environment of inner immunity. This may also be in resonance with a positive affirmation that is within the word immunity 'I'm unity', we all have this sense unity and wholeness within, and together this makes up our communities.

Qualities within the essences include:

- ancient ancestral generation to generation energy (Boab Tree),

- determination/survival (Ivy),

- stability/sovereignty (Oak),

- unity/realising we are all one (Sydney Rose)

Immunity Flower Essence Blend:

The Boab Tree

(Australian Bush Flower Essence)

The Boab Tree is found only in the Kimberley region of northwest Australia. This is one of the most powerful of all the Bush Essences and has brought about profound change. Boab clears negative emotional and mental family patterns that are passed on from generation to generation. Boab can access and clear those core patterns and all the related ensuing beliefs. This Essence is very beneficial in helping those who have had experiences of abuse or prejudice from others. Boab will also help clear the negative lines of karma between people. When used in a spray it can be very effective in clearing negative energies, especially when combined with Fringed Violet, Angelsword and Lichen. Boab can help break the chains that have been around human consciousness for thousands of years.

- Negative Condition

  • Enmeshment in negative family patterns

  • For the recipients of abuse and prejudice

- Positive Outcome

  • Personal freedom by releasing family patterns

  • Clearing of other, non family, negative Karmic connections

Sydney Rose

(Australian Bush Flower Essence)

The first aspect of the rare Sydney Rose to strike you is its intense, beautiful colour of the purest, pure pink. Pink is symbolic of the love vibration and the healing quality of this remarkable Essence is to realise and know — on a deep heart level not merely an intellectual level — that there is no separation between us, that we are all one.

If human consciousness is going to evolve then this will need to be the one fundamental premise to be embraced and to operate from, for in so doing it will create compassion, tolerance and love for others and the willingness to help and support others. Not surprisingly then, that whilst making this Essence Ian White states he kept hearing over and over this message "the crowning glory, the crowning glory, this is the crowning glory of the Bush Essences."

- Negative Condition:

  • feeling separated, deserted, unloved or morbid

- Positive Outcome:

  • realising we are all one

  • feeling safe and at peace

  • heartfelt compassion

  • sense of unity


(Irish Ogham Tree Essence)

Negative Traits:

- indecisive, unfulfilled, confused, restricting, search for self, attachment

Positive Influences from the Tree:

- passion, purposeful, undying love, determination, survival


- clinging to one idea could be restricting and damaging

- change is coming, but have patience

Qualities & Traits of the Ivy Essence: ‘ The Survivor’

- ability to overcome all the odds

- sharp intellect

- compassion and loyalty to others

- giving nature, always there to lend a helping hand

- born at a time of waning sun, so life can be difficult at times for people with Ivy as a birth tree

- seems like unfair obstacles come with no warning

- endure troubles with silent perseverance and soulful grace

- deeply spiritual, clings to deep rooted faith, that sees through adversity


(Irish Ogham Tree Essence)


Struggling on regardless, taking on too much, despair whilst never giving up, inflexibility or overly demanding on self.

Balancing Influences from the Tree: inner strength, accepting of one's limits, endurance, wisdom and truth, independence - (in)deepening within, sovereignty, stability

Message: Have strength in your vision. There is always times of instability but have the courage to push forward.

Qualities & Traits of the Oak Essence – ‘The Stabilizer’:

- a special gift of strength.

- people who are protective of people.

- the crusader and the spokesperson for the underdog.

- Nurturing, generous and helpful, a gentle giant.

- easy confidence and naturally assume everything will work out to a positive outcome.

- deep respect for history and ancestry, and many people with this sign become teachers.

- love to impart knowledge of the past to others.

- need for structure, and will often go to great lengths to gain the feeling of control in their lives.

- deeply stabilizing and supportive

- recognises importance of community

How to take the remedy?

The essences are taken with the droplet bottle, usually 7 drops on waking and 7 drops on sleeping. Although it can also be taken intuitively throughout the day. For example during a stressful challenging time or tense event. It can also help focus and calm, so can be taken for exams, musical performances or sporting events. Essences are designed to support the evolution of humanity. They are in co-creation with Nature.

Essences help dissolve stress on any level - emotional, mental, spirit and also supports the physical function of the body. Strengthening our physical cells, balancing emotional energy in motion within, focusing the mind and freeing the Spirit.

Immunity Flower Essence Blend is available at this present time, for free of charge or donation basis from

Brenda, 0872752123

in Salthill, Galway

The Ancient Celtic Wisdom

Quote from Ogham, by Ian Claxton, founder of the Ogham Tree Essences:

'The effect of these Essences is similar to that of meditation in that they enable the person to access the wisdom of their Soul. When this happens the negative beliefs and thoughts are dissolved, balance is restored and true healing occurs. ​ Nature provides everything we need to survive and everything your mind needs to thrive. What your heart needs is nearer still. In life, seek within for balance and harmony there is no need to seek for what you already possess.'

'The ancient Celtic people were much like the first people of the Americas in that they were spiritually progressive.

This advancement is born from an intense union with nature and subsequently, aided these people in aligning with energy on a universal level. At its simplest, the Ogham is an ancient Celtic Alphabet of which each symbol represents a sacred tree.'

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