Tree of the Week: Apple

Apple Tree

Imbalances: Feeling toxic, impure, poor self image, self sabotage, feeling unacceptable.

Positive Influences from Tree: Acceptance, open hearted Love, Inner beauty, cleansing, fertility.

Message: Celebrate what you have achieved in life. Let go of negative feelings, cultivate a positive outlook and trust life’s journey.

The Roots: The Apple tree, or Quert, is the tenth letter of the Ogham in its tree form. According to Robert Ellison's Ogham: the Secret Language of the Druids, the Apple represents both the Otherworld and choice.

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Symbolism: Love & Trust, Health, Garden Magic

Stone: Emerald, Rose Quartz

Colour: Yellow-Green, Pink

A Mother Tree:

Celts recognized all of the features of the apple tree and viewed it as pleasing in every way. It was even a symbol of creativity (as well as creation) and was an emblem of art and poetry. The meaning of apple trees is also associated with virtue, and the tree (as well as the fruit) is a symbol of purity and motherhood.

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