2019: Year of the Earth Pig 🐷

⚡️Happy Chinese New Year: Year of the Earth Pig in the Chinese Animal Zodiac. This is a 12 year cycle with 12 different animal signs representing qualities of that year. The Earth Pig is an embrace of connecting deeply with Mother Earth. Walking barefoot, connecting with the anti-inflammatory qualities of the element of Earth... connecting with trees and letting the roots go deep! It offers us to recognise our natural connection with the Earth element as Humans, and to feel the nutrients in the soil from the feet up! The Earth Element is connected to the Spleen energy in the body. Our digestion of food and digestion of life. Sowing seeds and planting trees are more examples of embracing the energy of the Earth Pig ☀️🌳 @oghamtrees @beoandbe #oghamtrees #beoandbe #EarthPig #2019 #chinesenewyear2019 www.beoandbe.com/blog ☯️🌻  

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