Sunflower fun facts...️

- ‘Helios’= Sun, ‘Antheus’= Flower.

️- Giant sunflowers can grow up to 10ft with a flower head of 14inches.

️- They have been valued for their healing properties by indigenous Americans for over 3,000 years.

️- It was an ancient symbol for the sun by civilizations of Peru, Mexico and China.

-️ It is valued as an earthly representative of the Sun.

-️ It is as though the sun has a specific magnetized connection to this flower, because the flower follows the sun as it crosses the sky throughout the day.

️- At the end of the day it bows its head in humility to the Earth, to be reawakened the next day.

️- The roots go strongly downwards in the young growth phase to ensure a deep stability for the holding of the massive flower.

️- It is supportive to Nature’s vital magicians and the messengers of transformation, earthly intelligence, ecosystem

survival and abundance... Bees :)

-️ It represents a deep sense of balance within, pure radiance from the heart, grounded self-esteem, generosity, growth in the balance of inner power and humility.

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