Mindfulness & Movement in Primary Schools

🌻Mindfulness & Movement in Primary Schools🌻

The Claddagh National School, Galway 🔵 Life can be very busy for kids! Especially in the school environment where there can be big classes and loads of activities each day. It's important for kids to know their own space and connect with their inner calm from a young age so they can grow with the awareness of health. 🔵 Practicing mindfulness through breathing techniques and movement gives us a felt sense of being steady in our own presence. It's valuable for our life skills to nurture this alongside all the subjects and activities. This then gives kids and a person of any age the skills and techniques to effectively cope with stress and energy like worry, overwhelm or frustration. It's nourishing for the health and development of the nervous system.

🔵 I've been working with the Claddagh school for about 3 years now, holding group mindfulness and movement sessions for classes from age 5-12. What started as small group work has expanded into over 100 kids participating each week. The class is a 20 minute break from the books. It's possible to do the movements inside in the classroom listening to music or when the weather allows, outside in the fresh air. 🔵 The children practice the movements together in each session which are based on nature movements. There is a movement of the week which they can practice anytime at school or at home. It helps children and adults learn about the energy of balance. If we are feeling low and out of energy it can gently help is feel energised. If we are feeling hyper and finding it hard to focus it can help us find balance and feel grounded inside. The movements are designed in such a way that it brings balance to our systems however we are feeling in the moment.

🔵 Mindfulness awareness and care for mental health can find more presence and purpose in our schooling systems. There are many teachers, health experts, parents and young people bringing this awareness forward through mindfulness, yoga, dance, sports and exercise.. so I'm just happy to be one of many sharing this awareness! Thanks to all the Claddagh school for the encouragement, enthusiasm and fun in the journey!

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