The spiraling symbol of balance shows how opposite forces may be interconnected in the natural world. They give rise to each other as they relate to one another. This symbolizes a balance of opposite yet connected energies. In Chinese Medicine it is known as Yin-Yang. This translates to Dark-Light and equal associations are Moon-Sun, Water-Fire. In Celtic association it would be Dorcha-Solas.

In relation to the nervous system and brain, it can be described as the presence of balance between the right and left side of the brain. The right side of the brain is connected with the left side of the body, the feminine energy side of the body. The left side of the brain is connected to the right side of the body, the masculine energy side of the body.

Yin / Dorcha is the same as Feminine energy in life, the feeling of flow. It’s the energy that flows through the cells of a tree, into the leaves into the Earth. It’s the feeling flow through the organs, being present. It’s connected to the moon and the reflective calm watery energy flow.

Yang / Solas is the same as the Masculine energy in life. Like the structure of the tree, it’s shape and function. It is the structure of the organs and their functions. It’s connected to the sun, the active firey energy flow. The heart pumps the blood around the body and in control of the functions along the way… yang active. The heart flows the blood around the body and it feels like a drum… yin presence. The riverbanks hold the river, yang holding. The river water flows in creative motions & colours, yin presence. We run and hit or kick the ball, yang power. We observe and feel the flow of the skill, yin presence. The symbol of Yin-Yang / Dorcha-Solas shows how the balance of one energy is with the other, it is eternally connected in a weave of flow.

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