The Element of Fire

In the human body, fire is associated with the heart, small intestine, brain and nervous system. The feeling of Fire is radiating and rising. In life, blocked fire energy manifests emotionally as impatience and judgement. Flowing fire energy rises and reflects as love, joy, happiness, wellbeing and creativity. Fires life process is growth. In nature, it is connected with firey creations such as the sun, the root of all fires.

The natural seasonal rhythm is Summer, beginning in May, with the festival of fire known as Bealtaine in Irish seasonal calendar. Its relation to climate is heat. Its frequency arises like the power for plants to create colourful flowers, birds to fly and humans to walk and run. From ancient times fire is associated with the dragon energy, representing balance of life force flow in the body and energetic field. It symbolizes the qualities of strength, courage and fortitude.

On the colour spectrum, the Fire’s light ranges in deep oranges, yellows and all tones of reds, from bright sunrises to deep glowing sunsets. Qi Gong movements such as soft fist punch stretch in the 8 Silk Brocade flow with the Heart channel meridian and middle dantien breathing is connected with fire. The nature movement Heart Breathing is an example. Feel free to try it out :)

Movement – Heart Breathing

Gluaiseacht – Análú an Chroí

How to – Breathing in, place hands on heart and open arms. Breathing out, let hands ease back to heart centre.

Conas – Análú isteach, chuir na lámha ar an chroí agus oscail na lámha. Analú amach, lig na lámha socair ar ais ar lár an chroí.

Breath & Repetitions/ Anáil & Athrá – 10 times/ Deich uaire

Benefits/ Buntáistí

Physical – Life force. Circulation.

Fisiceach – Fórsa Beatha. Imshruthú.

Mental – Self-assured. Loving-kindness.

Intinn – Muinín. Ceanúlacht.

Spiritual – Earthly Love

Spiorad – Grá Talmhaí

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