What is Mindfulness & Movement?  The overall background of Beo & Be classes.


Mindfulness is awareness in the present moment. The root of mindfulness is being aware of breathing, one's own thoughts & life energy in the body. It is a life skill that releases stress & increases ability to relax. It is connecting with one's own natural calm presence, helping to experience calm in any moment, being at home, in school, in the workplace, playing sports walking on a busy street and in nature.


Movement benefits the body’s flow of energy, preventing injury & promoting immunity, benefiting core strength & feeling grounded.

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques & focused attention. Qi means natural life energy or vital energy that flows in the body and in nature. It is rooted in Acupuncture, a system of natural medicine that works with the flow of energy in the body through organs, structures & energy channels called meridians. It strengthens posture & relaxes the flow of energy through the spine. The body holds natural intelligence to harmonize & strengthen our Health. Tai Chi evolved from Qi Gong, it is dynamic, reflexive and nourishes balanced inner power. Stretching postures from Health Science & physiotherapy studies focus on the musculoskeletal structure. Giving attention to specific areas of the body, muscles and interconnections. The benefits of this are flexibility and body awareness. A good stretch nourishes blood flow & muscle function, allowing the muscles and overall structure grow in a relaxed strength in any training program or daily wellbeing care.

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